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"For young journalists, especially, I think the growing demand on reporters is worrisome. Reporters need to tweet, write, Facebook, shoot video and photos and blog. You somehow needs to be a jack/jill of all trades and specialized at the same time. We need to talk about balance and time management more than ever." -

Kim Bui, social media editor and co-founder of the Twitter chat #wjchat, discusses what causes journalists the most anxiety about the future of journalism with Latoya Peterson. 

I also love this answer on what Kim would do with a million dollars to improve media:

"Hire some ad/business folks from outside journalism to figure out the revenue situation. After spending time as a web editor for a commercial site, I realized journalism needs to get a MBA. We produce great content, and we could do more if so many newsrooms were not working under the threat of layoffs and buyouts."

Read the full interview here  Featured Member: P. Kim Bui - Online News Association.

(via onaissues)

(via onaissues)

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